Project details

From January – March 2017, four workshops were held with our 22 reading partnership schools.  These workshops provided an opportunity for the researcher and teachers to share their knowledge, experience and insights in these areas and co-produce new knowledge, with the aim of improving children’s reading outcomes:

  • Supporting initial reading acquisition and development
  • Improving children’s reading and spelling skills
  • Developing reading comprehension with different text types
  • Promoting reading for pleasure and enhancing motivation to read

Following these workshops, teachers were asked to create research summaries (1 page posters), to consider how research could have a positive impact on their practice. See ‘Teacher Developed Resources’ for many of the fantastic suggestions from our teachers. Filming was also carried out in one of our reading partnership schools, to bring together researcher, teacher and student insights across a series of literacy related topics. See ‘Videos’ for more information.

The project team running these workshops are:
  • Dr Sarah McGeown, Project Lead
  • Juliet Scott-Barrett, Project Assistant
  • Fiona Giles, Project Co-ordinator
  • Sarah Vernon, Project Support