Long term effects of phonics instruction

There has been considerable interest in understanding the long term effects of early reading instruction on later reading progress as it’s crucial to understand whether early success with a specific approach will be sustained over time.  In our research we have examined the effectiveness of two different types of initial reading instruction which have varied in their emphasis on phonics; synthetic phonics (phonics focused approach) and analytic phonics (embedded within a more eclectic approach).  Our research has found that the synthetic phonics approach led to greater gains in word reading, spelling and reading comprehension and seemed to be particularly beneficial for boys.

More details about this project is provided in the poster below:

Johnston, R. S., McGeown, S., & Watson, J. E. (2012).  Long term effects of synthetic versus analytic phonics teaching on the reading and spelling ability of 10 year old boys and girls.   Reading and Writing: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 25, 1365-1384. 

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